AC Flare Gun

The all new AC-Flare Gun is a modern state-of-the-art and highly durable tool to dispense 26.5mm flares or smoke grenades. The body of the pistol is made of a special polymer which is highly impact and UV resistant and can be operated through a wide range of temperatures. The barrel of this flare gun is made of stainless steel which guarantees a minimum lifetime of about 2000 shoots with full power flares.



Introducing the AC-Flare Gun, the modern and dependable tool for sending distress signals whenever, wherever you need them.

Built for Durability and Performance:
► Rugged Polymer Construction: The AC-Flare Gun’s body is made from a special polymer, making it resistant to impact, UV rays, and extreme temperatures. It’s built to withstand the elements and harsh conditions.
► Stainless Steel Barrel: The barrel is constructed from high-grade stainless steel, ensuring corrosion resistance and a minimum lifespan of 2,000 shots with full-power flares. You can rely on this gun to perform when it matters most.
► 26.5mm Flare Compatibility: The AC-Flare Gun is designed to accommodate a wide range of 26.5mm flares and smoke grenades, giving you versatility in your signaling options.

More Than Just a Flare Gun:
► Peace of Mind: Whether you’re a boater, hiker, pilot, or simply enjoy outdoor activities, the AC-Flare Gun provides peace of mind knowing you have a reliable way to signal for help in an emergency.
► Multipurpose: Not only can the AC-Flare Gun be used for distress signaling, but it can also be employed for marking positions, illuminating dark areas, and even deterring wildlife.
► Easy to Use: The simple design and intuitive operation make the AC-Flare Gun accessible to users of all experience levels.

What’s Included:
► AC-Flare Gun
► Protective Polymer Box with Sponge Insert

Additional Information:
► Legality: Be sure to check the local laws and regulations regarding flare guns and the types of flares you can use in your area.
► Safety: Always handle flares with caution and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.
► Accessories: Consider purchasing additional flares, a holster, and other accessories to enhance your preparedness.

Tech Specs

Description: AC Flare Gun cal. 26.5mm
Production: AC-Unity Bosnia & Herzegovina
Weight: 528g
Length: 199.8mm
Barrel Length: 154.8mm
Color: Opaque black
Capacity: 1
Body Material: Polymer
Calibre: 26.5mm flare gun/signal pistol
Item code: AC00048