AC-Unity is a company, fully licensed to manufacture and trade military weapons and ammunitions of all types and is based in the industrial zone of Goražde, surrounded by many other companies of this sector, allowing to use all possible synergies with the metal industries and manufacturers of related products.

Specialized in the production of standard parts and after-marked products for different small arms AC-Unity has now also proudly added a 9mm SMG to its portfolio which is produced in and exported from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Besides from the production of complete small arms, AC-Unity focuses on the following services:

– Upgrades of standard small arms systems
– High precision spare parts for AK-47
– Accessories and spare parts for AR-15
– Production High Strength Polymer Ammunition Boxes
– Production of high capacity magazines for different calibers from 9×19 to 7,62×51
– International trading of military goods from the region

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